Is Fortnite Dying...?

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Let me know what you think in the comments, is Fortnite dying?
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  1. 31w1
    10 orë më parë

    Try teamfortres2 muselk had a good time

  2. Juluen Aram
    Juluen Aram
    Ditë më parë

    Rocket league is better

  3. Fck Ya Hood
    Fck Ya Hood
    2 ditë më parë

    and annoyin little kids yelling sheesh and my guy

  4. Alex Murray
    Alex Murray
    2 ditë më parë

    And creative people are toxic now because people are calling me bad and trash

  5. Alex Murray
    Alex Murray
    2 ditë më parë

    The community is so toxic in creative I told this guy he is good and he called me a bitch a nigga

  6. That one bespin guard who died #3
    That one bespin guard who died #3
    2 ditë më parë

    Short answer: no Long answer: yes’nt Basically, a relatively decent portion of older players are leaving the game due to balance changes and no fun with all the sweats, but fortnite has such an influence on gaming, so a very, very large amount of people are joining the game per month. Im genuinely considering to leave the game just because its basically 45 percent luck based, and how toxic the community is.

  7. Axo10tl Z
    Axo10tl Z
    2 ditë më parë

    Idk honestly the biggest thing holding fortnite down is it’s playerbase and community. Things have become so toxic with millions of sweats. Would I say the game is bad? No, quite the contrary. Fortnite is a great game that just happens to have the worst community of all time.

  8. PHANTOM Gaming
    PHANTOM Gaming
    3 ditë më parë

    It’s dead already..

  9. Matthew Ramacciotti
    Matthew Ramacciotti
    4 ditë më parë


  10. John Powell
    John Powell
    4 ditë më parë

    This is why apex legends is doing better because they don't drastically change the game with goofy things they always keep it fresh to some degree and keep people interested

  11. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
    Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
    5 ditë më parë

    bruh fortnite died looooong ago

    1. Papuco
      13 orë më parë


  12. YIG
    5 ditë më parë

    Fortnite itself isn’t a bad game the concept is amazing actually, but it’s hard for fortnite to get new players who aren’t skilled at the game when they are being put into lobbies with sweaty players Fortnite used to be its own thing and actually be original and while they still have somewhat of a story have you noticed that there has been a collab with someone every last couple season it’s just a cash grab by epic Also a little side note but Fortnite lost a lot of players because of the Apple ban that was in August of last year and it’s still banned The game was fun but it hit its peak and now is declining in popularity

  13. Ruby Razatto
    Ruby Razatto
    5 ditë më parë

    Bruh i hate the fuccin word fortnite

  14. SCYTH3 VR
    5 ditë më parë

    U guys still playing fortnite?

  15. Yash Fofaria
    Yash Fofaria
    5 ditë më parë

    This is why minecraft is superior you traitor

  16. Andrea Nguh
    Andrea Nguh
    6 ditë më parë

    Thank you, fortnite community for ruining one of the seasons with Fortnite's greatest potential.

  17. Hoodedly YT
    Hoodedly YT
    6 ditë më parë

    People who don’t play the game eight hours a day struggle to get good at fortnight drawing them away from it

  18. Hoodedly YT
    Hoodedly YT
    6 ditë më parë

    Nobody plays the game for fun anymore

  19. Ultra Craft
    Ultra Craft
    6 ditë më parë

    One Simple Answer: Yes

  20. Exotic Gaming
    Exotic Gaming
    6 ditë më parë

    yeah i recently quit fortnite haven't played for 5 - 6 months now im just bored of it, its to competitive and boring ive played for 6 years then stopped for now hopefully i don't ever get back on the game intil the community is not so TOXIC

  21. CSXRailfan129
    6 ditë më parë

    2018: Fortnite was the Best 2019: Fortnite was okay 2020: Fortnite is a bad game now 2021: I’m moving on to Minecraft because Fortnite is a horrible game now 2022: Is Fortnite good again 2023: Fortnite Chapter 3 is insane 2024: Trump wins the election so he bans Fortnite

  22. Bilal Bilal
    Bilal Bilal
    7 ditë më parë

    I left in chapter 2 season 1

  23. Bilal Bilal
    Bilal Bilal
    7 ditë më parë

    The game was never fun in chapter 2

  24. Bilal Bilal
    Bilal Bilal
    7 ditë më parë

    Collabs horrible gameplay that why I left

  25. efe car
    efe car
    8 ditë më parë

    Fortnite It lost is identity

  26. genesis org
    genesis org
    8 ditë më parë

    I think they should do something about creative I haven't played the game for a bit so I don't know if they have but its silly all you do is build share fun but epic kinda ditched it.

  27. Atomic_louie
    8 ditë më parë

    No it’s not dying, it’s dead

    1. Atomic_louie
      5 ditë më parë

      @Team Vade every season since season 8 has been either ok or dogshit

    2. Team Vade
      Team Vade
      5 ditë më parë

      fr tho who tf plays fortnite in 2021 lmaoo

  28. astrothunder
    8 ditë më parë

    Fortnite has been dead for over a year now at least

  29. Spawny Russian
    Spawny Russian
    8 ditë më parë

    I believe fortnite is dying and it will die (I hope)

  30. Mjwoods
    9 ditë më parë

    If it’s dying stop playing it

  31. Bookworm 07
    Bookworm 07
    9 ditë më parë

    I’ve been playing since c1 s3 and recently have taken a break because of how boring I find the game, it is just getting repetitive, this effect is amplified by the sweaty players who haven’t seen sunlight in three years that spend 23 hours a day on the game doing creative and scrims that kill you of spawn every game or chase you across the map to kill you, just why? Hasn’t been fun for a while now. All the games blur together because it’s the same: die die die die die win, die die die die die win.

  32. Michael Papandrea
    Michael Papandrea
    9 ditë më parë


  33. Bruce Doyle
    Bruce Doyle
    9 ditë më parë

    Well to me its already dead long ago, but I have noticed that I don't see Fortnite stuff anymore, streamers are jumping Ship 😀

  34. bruh moment
    bruh moment
    9 ditë më parë

    now I play better games

  35. Patches Gaming
    Patches Gaming
    10 ditë më parë


  36. LunarGaming
    10 ditë më parë

    Game just got boring

  37. Random Student
    Random Student
    10 ditë më parë

    Summary of video: Fortnite is almost dead Apex Legends is better

    1. WishingLocket20
      7 ditë më parë

      Apex died before season 2

  38. Zach
    11 ditë më parë

    Who is this guy?

  39. jayla marks
    jayla marks
    11 ditë më parë

    I hope fortnite is not dying I love fortnite

  40. Glaxiiッ
    11 ditë më parë

    It’s getting really old...

  41. Bonox Gamer
    Bonox Gamer
    12 ditë më parë

    Couple of words for this video Yes. It is dying.

  42. Wizard066
    12 ditë më parë


  43. Blix
    12 ditë më parë

    Honestly I stopped playing ever since chapter 2 released. I can't explain it but chapter 2 just doesn't have that classic fortnite feel compared to chapter 1

  44. Sir Cruz
    Sir Cruz
    14 ditë më parë

    Please remove bots Epic

  45. 💕𝓑𝓾𝓷𝓷𝔂💕
    14 ditë më parë

    It’s all the updates that’s why it started going down it’s because of the whole game and where you actually land when they got rid of tilted

  46. Matt Stewart
    Matt Stewart
    14 ditë më parë

    I just started playing this year so I’m a new player I play everyday now I love this game

  47. Matt Stewart
    Matt Stewart
    14 ditë më parë

    P shotgun sucks no one even takes um there everywhere I’d rather have a tack or makeshift then that

  48. Alejandro _
    Alejandro _
    14 ditë më parë

    Game is just kinda wack tbh

  49. Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi
    14 ditë më parë

    Go back to Pokémon go

    15 ditë më parë

    This game started dying in season 8 they just reusing stuff and the only thing that keeps it alive are probably collaboration so it gets boring fast and it’s too competitive. I’m honestly glad I quitted a year ago

  51. Riley roo
    Riley roo
    15 ditë më parë


  52. JakeGames27
    17 ditë më parë

    Yes fortnite is dead nobody plays it

    1. the madman
      the madman
      6 ditë më parë

      Is this a joke over a million of people play it do you think it is 1 person in fortnite

  53. Ashton Hudson
    Ashton Hudson
    17 ditë më parë

    Good can’t wait to see this game completely dead

  54. C0DE L3SS
    C0DE L3SS
    17 ditë më parë

    they do too many crossovers

  55. C0DE L3SS
    C0DE L3SS
    17 ditë më parë

    they literally lost their originality

  56. Autizmo _
    Autizmo _
    18 ditë më parë

    I was most sad when they changed the cartoony people to monsters and random things, I have so many good memories at the beginning, and all that has changed

  57. oli woj
    oli woj
    18 ditë më parë


  58. Wonder Turtle69
    Wonder Turtle69
    19 ditë më parë

    This is the worst season for me

  59. Apollo 10
    Apollo 10
    19 ditë më parë

    Problems : Community is toxic Updates are boring Game got complex It became competitive People wanted old things The dances are boring

  60. Ruben
    20 ditë më parë

    rocket league.

  61. Llama Playing
    Llama Playing
    20 ditë më parë

    This is why I play Valorant

  62. Dzaki
    20 ditë më parë

    Too competitive, same mechanics, Unoriginal battle passes, boring, squeeky kids, boring.

  63. FuZiON Gaming
    FuZiON Gaming
    21 ditë më parë

    Bruh fortnite was dead a long long long time ago....

  64. Soyboy Hunter202
    Soyboy Hunter202
    21 ditë më parë

    It's dead

  65. Anthony Resendiz
    Anthony Resendiz
    21 ditë më parë

    i would love u playing rocket league . again.........

  66. Jeyb
    22 ditë më parë

    What happen to the old fortnite that we all knew and love

    1. Attlan5999
      21 ditë më parë

      And also minecraft: cave and cliff update

    2. Attlan5999
      21 ditë më parë

      And also dream

    3. Attlan5999
      21 ditë më parë

      And also 2b2t

    4. Attlan5999
      21 ditë më parë


  67. avihay benaim
    avihay benaim
    22 ditë më parë


  68. fodee
    22 ditë më parë

    Man i almost forgot this game exist

  69. Vicki Benson
    Vicki Benson
    22 ditë më parë

    Your my favourite ALfirst!Ive liked subscribed and turned on all post notifications

  70. Gloxici
    22 ditë më parë

    I quit as soon as this season began, realised it wasn't fun anymore, can't think about it without having the feeling that it's dead moved to apex and having so much fun there

    1. Kazuto Kirigaya
      Kazuto Kirigaya
      21 ditë më parë

      Exactly I moved on to apex it’s just so much better at the start the game feels hard but after you play a lot it becomes easier. There is people that just play fortnite for creative

  71. Ben Snow
    Ben Snow
    23 ditë më parë


  72. シ Oreo Dealer • 6 years ago
    シ Oreo Dealer • 6 years ago
    23 ditë më parë

    I don’t play fortnite anymore and I pretty much dislike it right now but it’s not really that dead. Millions of different players do hop on everyday. I wouldn’t call THAT a dead game.

  73. Tarek Crash95
    Tarek Crash95
    23 ditë më parë

    Yeah it is

  74. Donnacha Cahill
    Donnacha Cahill
    23 ditë më parë

    2 months later fortnite is thriving

  75. kianna Mcdonagh
    kianna Mcdonagh
    23 ditë më parë

    Rip fortnite

  76. kianna Mcdonagh
    kianna Mcdonagh
    23 ditë më parë

    Fortnite is kind of dying

  77. rxcxo
    23 ditë më parë

    fortnite WAS the best game ever, they decided to submit them self to money and not the opinion of other players who play the game. I understand that it is been three years in this game and sweats get sweater but this game isn't refreshing to play anymore, me and my friends would go to the store get energy drinks and snacks and come home and pull all nighters on fortnite and even wait for the updates now we don't play, that was the one game that we could all play and COMMUNICATE with each other because it was the best CROSS PLATFORM GAME, we would get hyped for the live events BECAUSE WE WANTED FORTNITE TO GO BACK TO NORMAL we all know it won't and they've teased us with salty towers and we got so mad because we have to wait four months for a new season to com the best season chapter was the summer one 🌅 so fortnite if your reading just turn your game back to normal it ain't original anymore

  78. Zarina Van Damme
    Zarina Van Damme
    23 ditë më parë

    its dead

  79. Raven Pro 26
    Raven Pro 26
    24 ditë më parë

    For all the people who say it’s 10-12 year olds so is Minecraft so if fortnite gets hate for it so should Minecraft

    1. Soyboy Hunter202
      Soyboy Hunter202
      21 ditë më parë

      I hate both.

  80. Spicy
    24 ditë më parë

    I haven’t played this game in years I think it’s always been dying, and fortnite just forgot its roots

  81. Zugies
    24 ditë më parë

    Here's an idea, double xp in arena if in you are in the top 25% so it takes competitive players out of pubs.

  82. Magic Trash can
    Magic Trash can
    24 ditë më parë

    Dead since 2018 or 2019

    1. Reversal
      24 ditë më parë

      it started to die in season X which is around august - september 2019

  83. Tx2
    25 ditë më parë

    It’s been dead for a bit

  84. King Boy6000
    King Boy6000
    25 ditë më parë


  85. Pools
    25 ditë më parë

    Thank you for everything epic games.

    25 ditë më parë

    When he said there more players no there is not epic is loosing players that's why half of the lobbys r full of iis 😂

  87. Dr Statick
    Dr Statick
    25 ditë më parë

    Game full of 10 years olds

  88. Joecoca
    25 ditë më parë

    Less makeup my guy your face and neck are 27 different tones🤣🤣🤣

  89. Seanster
    25 ditë më parë

    I stopped playing consistently after season 3 chapter 2

  90. (Namo) Sarun Prathanvanich
    (Namo) Sarun Prathanvanich
    26 ditë më parë

    Why are people still asking this question

  91. No Name
    No Name
    26 ditë më parë


  92. Zane1004
    27 ditë më parë


  93. Mr monkey
    Mr monkey
    27 ditë më parë

    Fortnite is dead it’s too competitive u don’t see skybases

  94. damian hundley
    damian hundley
    27 ditë më parë

    I would play again if in graphics settings we could pick the new graphics or the old ones

  95. Nice
    27 ditë më parë

    Never played it even when it was the rage It has 0 effect for me

  96. Arsonist_Xpert
    27 ditë më parë

    8:29 aight I guess Minecraft doesn't exist huh

    1. Skyrrmish
      27 ditë më parë

      Still Fortnite is what he’s most known for

  97. oCazz
    27 ditë më parë

    Sooooooooo dead

  98. HardcoreKnights
    28 ditë më parë

    Fortnite only lasted a Fortnight

  99. tonycravey
    28 ditë më parë

    I quit because if you don’t play enough you just get destroyed and can barely play the game

  100. xCycloon3
    28 ditë më parë

    I hope this game will be gone soon